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Healthy School Breakfast Ideas; Quick & Easy ☼

↠ rachel’s video: http://bit.ly/1nrm5Rp
↠ rachel’s channel: http://youtube.com/rclbeauty101

↠ Summer Morning Routine – http://bit.ly/1nsk7iJ
↠ 50 Facts About Me – http://bit.ly/1nnce2z
↠ Makeup Collection – http://bit.ly/1jMuqTD
↠ Summer Lookbook – http://bit.ly/1yKS1s1
↠ How I Edit Instagram Pics – http://bit.ly/1pyi40d
↠ My New Puppy – http://bit.ly/1kLxvSo


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contact my manager: evegail@melroseandpark.com with “beautybysiena” in the subject line


↠ i do not have a specific video schedule, i will upload at least once a week, give or take. depending on my personal schedule if things are a bit busier or so 🙂


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F to the A to the Q

Q- how old are you and what grade are you in?
A- im 16 & in 11th grade of high school

Q- what camera do you use and what do you edit with?
A- canon rebel t3i & final cut pro x 10


quick note; it’s not going to make you a better person or make you feel better if you comment something rude. you don’t need to find something wrong with me or the video, just keep negative things to yourself and have a great day and remember to compliment someone, not bring them down. (:



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  1. wife siena up, she know how to cook LOL 

  2. the second breakfast is so mexican

  3. Are you still doing online/independent school? btw i love your videos I watch them everyone sunday! <3

  4. Ur so pretty loved the video 😃

  5. Omg great video! I love you so much <3

  6. Siena's the best youtuber everrrrrrr <3

  7. my two fav beauty gurus in another collab!

  8. hope you are feeling better bby

  9. LOVE YOU MAMA ❤️ (it's sienafact on ig and itsrxbecca on twitter)

  10. someone in your family is Brazilian ? 

  11. omg i love the peanut butter and banana sandwich 👌👌👌

  12. deff trying these 😍 amazing editing, as always! ily <33

  13. I love how u put so much work into your videos even though your sick . 🙂 

  14. You're so amazing ur one of my main youtuber inspirations ❤️❤️❤️

  15. where'd you get your sweater? its so cute!

  16. Where'd you get the sweater?

  17. Perfect Siena! Do u use these breakfast ideas yourself? They look so good 😋

  18. You and Rachel are so creative, definitely going to be trying these yummy breakfast/lunch ideas☺️

  19. Jake  Miller is amazing love him<3

  20. This is such a great video. love you both. great job editing! 

  21. aw youre so pretty, and im 100 % sure im going to try this out! really good and creative video

  22. Love love love
    It shows how much time you put into this :)

  23. Amazing i love you Siena . I will try Breakfast number 3. :D:*

  24. You are watching katytastic 😀 didn't know you were into books :D

  25. You are like the healthiest person that i know tbh

  26. I love this video! so helpful! thank you!<3 :)

  27. loved it it was so helpful btw i love all the music u use

  28. I loved all your ideas, i'll have to try them out soon and I hope you feel better!
    p.s I absolutely love your editing 

  29. Your desk is sooo tidy!!  Jealous <33  Love you videos x

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